Silverstate Plumbing Sewer Repair

Residential Sewer Pipe Repair Plumbers

Silverstate Plumbing is the team to call for all your residential plumbing repair needs. That includes sewer repair. The plumbers servicing your home are trained in the use of and provided the latest technologies available for locating a blockage and clearing it in a cost effective way.

If you live in Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City, you have a team of the finest plumber just a few minutes away, so call now. We hire background checked, drug screened plumbers for your family’s safety.

Commercial Sewer Repair Available 24/7

Our crews are on call nights and weekends because sewer line backup and leaks don’t always happen during normal business hours. Well stocked trucks with all the plumbing equipment will arrive in a timely manner to your business and get the blockage assed fast, make a written proposal for repairs and then execute the repairs fast, so that you don’t lose business.

Hydro-Jet Pipe Line Cleaning

Sometimes a good cleaning is all that’s needed. Call today for fast service and get your sewer line flowing again.

Video Sewer Inspection

The video camera equipment we use is designed for the nasty environment of a sewer pipe. This equipment allows the property owner to verify what the blockage is and its exact location. Knowing this saves a lot of time and money.

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